Municipal sports grant

The municipal sports grant is a grant aimed at athletes, coaches, leaders and judges.


The application deadline is 5 April.
Each grant is at kr. 10,000

Municipal sports grant athletes:

  1. Grants can only be awarded to members of sports teams in Stavanger
  2. Grants will be awarded to athletes who have achieved top national and/or international results during the last calendar year.
  3. Athletes must be a minimum of 13 years of age in the year of the achievement(s) applied for.
  4. No documentation for expense coverage will be required for the payment of grants.
  5. The grant amount is kr. 10,000

Application form



Municipal sports grant coaches/leaders/judges

  1. Municipal sports grant coaches/leaders/judges: Grants can only be awarded to members of sports teams in Stavanger
  2. Grants will go to the coverage of the deductible in the event of further education and competence raising, and it should take place the same year the application of the grant.
  3. The grant cannot be used for training camps and participation in championships for own teams, if there are no documented skill developing initiatives at the same time, such as separate courses/gatherings for trainers/leaders/judges.
  4. Documentation of initiatives that is being applied for must be attached in order to receive a grant
  5. The grant amount is kr. 10,000

Information about both subsidies:
Grant applicants who have not received grants in the past will take precedence over previous grant recipients, but former grants recipients may also apply.

These are private grants that will go directly to the coach/leader/judge/athelete and not to the coverage of expenses for the club.

Ten percent of the total amount of the sports grants (both schemes) will be allocated to handicap sports.

Sports Grant 2018

Name Sports Club
Rasumus Kruse Rasmussen Stavanger Roklub
Sara Busic IL Skjalg
Olai Hagland Stavanger Seilforening
Hannah Fossan Stavanger Rideklubb
Jiawen Shi Brodd Badmintonklubb
Vilde Marie Nystrøm Stavanger Golfklubb
Simon Slettevold Stavanger Svømmeklubb
Nora Tveit Stavanger Sykleklubb
Elias Nilsen Stavanger Skateklubb
Amalie Søiland Stavanger Innebandyklubb

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