About Hansons Minde

We rent out the premises for various events such as christenings, confirmations, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, parties, courses/conferences, etc.

Stavangeridretten’s house

Hansons Minde is owned by Stavanger Municipality, but is currently at the disposal of Stavangeridretten under the Sports Council. On the ground floor, there are meeting room facilities which are available free of charge for sports teams in Stavanger. Some weekends we also rent out the premises for events. On the second floor, the Sports Council’s administration has its offices. We are usually open at the house on weekdays between 9:00 am and 3.30 pm, but you may want to make an appointment in advance if you want to meet with us.

History of Hansons Minde

Hansons Minde is the name of the building where the Sports Council is headquartered. The name comes from Bernhard Hanson, born 1821, who was a drawing teacher at Kongsgård School. He bought a small parcel from the farm Tjensvold and built a small house of grey stone which was later considerably expanded. He also built four ponds and experimented with artificial hatching of fish. Hanson died in 1883 and his collection of antiquities, ethnographic items and furniture were given to Stavanger Museum in accordance with his will. From the sales price, a grant was created for the benefit of Stavanger Museum.

This is a bit of the history, but you can read more about it here. However, there are some gaps ,in particularly the recent history, so if anyone out there knows more about the history of the building and preferably has some pictures, we are very interested in getting in touch with you.
Moreover, it has been unclear whether Hanson should be written with one or two S’s. There have been several reliable sources that have not matched, for example, the name has two S’s on his headstone at the graveyard at Lagårdsveien, while in the old archive it is written with both one and two S’s. We therefore chose to write the name with two S’s.

But then a relative, Bernhard Hanson, showed up and confirmed that Hanson is written with a single S.
In this connection, we want contact with people who can have pictures, photographs of Bernhard Hanson himself, the house and/or of his drawings and paintings. It would be especially wonderful to get hold of some good portraits of this colourful man.

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