Municipal operating subsidy

Here you will find information on the Municipal Operating Subsidy as well as the application form for the subsidy. For the sake of simplicity, by applying for municipal operating subsidy, you will automatically apply for LAM (Funding for Local Sports). Read more about LAM (Funding for Local Sports) under “Subsidies” -> “

Municipal operating subsidy and LAM (Funding for Local Sports)”.

Municipal operating subsidy can only be given to sports teams that conduct activities for children and young people up to the age of 25. The application deadline is 5 April.

The subsidy is distributed as a percentage among the sports teams according to their membership numbers for members up to and including the age of 25.

The municipal subsidy may not exceed the sports team’s deductible, i.e. the sum of the paid membership dues and other membership fees posted in the sports team’s accounting.

Only paid, personally active membership is counted.

Attachments to the application
In addition to the completed application on a specified form, the application for operating grants must be include:

  1. Notice annual meeting
  2. Signed minutes of the annual general meeting by two elected representatives of the annual meeting held between 1 January – 31 March
  3. Signed audit endorsement
  4. Accounting per 31 December for the previous year signed by the board
  5. Annual report for the previous year signed by the board
  6. List of members, with name and date of birth per 31 December for the previous year (year of birth or age may also be accepted)


Download overview  of how much subsidy each individual sports team got in 2018. The amount is paid in two instalments (in early July and early December).

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