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What is Idrettsrådet (Sports Council)?

The Sports Council (Idrettsrådet) is part of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF). Almost all the municipalities of Norway have a sports council. In Stavanger, it is Stavanger Sports Council that has this role. We are a service body for the sports teams in Stavanger Municipality, with approx. 40,000 members in 160 sports clubs and teams in Stavanger, as well as 17,000 members in company sport. We work on the following main tasks:

  • work for the best possible conditions for sports in the municipality
  • strengthen the role and framework conditions of sports in the local community
  • be a meeting place and development arena at the intersection of public and voluntary work
  • Be a venue for cooperation between the teams and the municipal authorities
  • make priorities on behalf of the sports teams
  • document and highlight the local scope of the sport



In summary, this means that the sports council will contribute to the overall development of the sport in the municipality and ensure a diverse offer to members and the population.

As a link between the sports teams and the municipality, the contact between the sports teams and the municipality must go through the Sports Council. This may seem cumbersome in some cases, but it often turns out to be the quickest way to get answers to your questions. We can respond to a good deal, or we know someone who can respond and thereby provide you guidance directly. The Sports Council has a close and good cooperation with Stavanger Municipality. We have the most contact with the sports department, but we also cooperate with other departments/agencies in the municipality, as well as politicians.

Stavanger Sports Council has three full-time employees and one part employee, and has its office at Hansons Minde, next to Stavanger Idrettshall and Scandic Forum Hotel at Tjensvoll.

Presentation of the Stavanger Sports Council

Regulations for Stavanger Sports Council (2019)

Regional cooperation

The sports councils in Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg have a regional contact group. Here the sports councils can discuss common issues, share experiences and possibly present common issues that serve sports.

The contact group was re-established in recognition that sports at Nord-Jæren has shared challenges and can collaborate on joint solutions. This is especially true in areas aimed at facilities, but also other relevant issues.

Folkehallene (http://folkehallene.no/) is a good example of what the contact group has worked with.

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