New Sports Club

If you are thinking of starting a new sports team, or restarting a sports team that has been shutdown for a while, this page is intended as a support in that work. Here you will find the right forms, as well as some tips along the way.

The first thing you can do is download these two forms:

– Statute norms for sports teams
– Application for membership/re-admission in the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports

In these two forms, the most relevant information can be found. The additional information on this page is taken from precisely these forms.

Constituent meeting:
The person(s) who wants to be at the forefront of starting a new sports team, will appoint among those interested a committee that prepares the summons for a constituent meeting.
For the constituent meeting, a list of agenda is set up that contains:
– Opening and briefing on the background of the meeting.
– The sports that the team will take up.
– Decision to establish a sports team.
– Name of the team.
– Election of the representatives in accordance with the law.

– show that there is a sports team or club using team/club/association in the name
– be Norwegian, may also be derived from mythology
– foreign names may be approved in exception case for sports where foreign terminology is common
– preferably refer to location/area/municipality
– If the team by its name shows that it covers more municipalities, it must define which municipality is the home municipality (contact committee participation, etc)
– be relatively short/simple/meaningful
– provide a credible and easy to understand framework around the team

Membership numbers at startup:
In order for a sports team to be recorded, or resumed, it must have a minimum of 12 – 15 members. This is the absolute minimum number concerning members when it comes to new sports teams.

The above forms are completed and sent to Rogaland Sports District. Both the mailing address and the e-mail address can be found on the application form. Rogaland Sports District obtains statements from the current national federations, as well as the sports council of the municipality to which the team belongs. If these instances support the establishment, the team is admitted to NIF.

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