Idrett+ (Sports+)

Idrett+ has since 2002 worked to facilitate children and young people with special needs. This work has become an important part of the Sports Council’s dedication to achieving the goal of “Sport for everyone”. The Sports Council assists with professional competence/follow-up and has financial subsidies for the sports teams that can and make extra efforts aimed at the target groups.

Main objective

To provide children and young people with additional need for support/assistance a real offer of sports activities

Target groups

  • inactive children and youth
  • children and youth with undesirable behaviour
  • people with an immigrant background, especially girls
  • people with disabilities (children/young people and adults) who need additional follow-up
  • people with payment problems/financial barriers to participate in the sports activities

Individual initiatives

The sports teams have the opportunity to work with different, targeted initiatives towards the target groups. There are specific initiatives such as Idrett & Utfordring aimed at named people, and initiatives that are open to everyone, e.g. Åpen Hall.
Examples of initiatives are:

  • Special needs coach: person responsible for the facilitation of individuals with special needs
  • networking events
  • theme nights with Idrett+ themes
  • initiatives aimed at immigrant girls
  • immigrant groups
  • activity for people with disabilities
  • facilitation of the financially disadvantaged


The Sports Council is responsible for the Idrett+ work in Stavanger and will be initiating and directing sports teams in the work, but it is the sports team itself that must find its form and the measures that the team sees are most appropriate within the framework and criteria that is established.

Several networks of competence/experience in the work have been built, which the sports teams can benefit from both locally and nationally.


The scheme is financed by Stavanger Municiplity, the Ministry of Culture via the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, and the sports’ own funds that are used by the sports council and sports team.
There are standard guidelines and criteria for how the Sports Council should evaluate the various initiatives with concrete efforts.

Contact us

Does your club want to start an initiative? Please contact us for more information, or directly use the forms listed below. Sports teams and clubs that wish to become “big” on “Idrett+” work should contact us during the planning phase, as we can assist with counselling and facilitation. Financial startup funding is awarded if the sports team wants to do enough within Idrett+.

What does it mean to be part of a sports team in Norway?

Here you can find the brochure ”Bli med” in 9 different languages. This gives people from other countries and cultures an insight into what it is like to be in a sports team in Norway (about rights, duties, expectations, etc.).

Sports teams that contribute/have contributed within Idrett+

*Please contact us if your sports team has contributed but is not mentioned here

Application form

It is possible to apply for grants throughout the year.


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