Sports Patrol Home visits

Does your child and/or youth want to get involved with sports in Stavanger?

Do you have a child or youth who wants to get started with sports, but don’t know where to find the information or how to go about it in the best way? Get in touch with Idrettspatruljen for a visit!

There are over 150 sports teams with over 60 different sports in Stavanger. However, although there is more than enough for everyone, it is not as easy for everyone to join in. It can be challenging to know what is expected and how everything is done before joining a sports team.

Idrettspatruljen helps establish the initial contact between families and the sports teams. This is done through Idrettspatruljen, which is to help make it easier for children and young people to take up sports.

How to get in touch with Idrettspatruljen?

Simply contact the Sports Council at 4000 23 99 or

What’s the next step?

  1. You will be contacted by Idrettspatruljen where we arrange a meeting that presents the various offers as well as provide more information on how Norwegian sports works. Together we find sports and sports teams that fits the family and then follow up with the relevant team to confirm training hours and contact persons.
  2. Idrettspatruljen establishes contact between sports clubs and the family.
  3. When you decide on a sport of interest, Idrettspatruljen helps to arrange for it for the family and will also accompany you to the first training session if necessary.

What does it cost?

Everyone who participates in sports, must pay a membership fee in order to be covered by insurance and the price depends on the type of sports and the sports club. If there are any difficulties in covering the cost of doing sports, Idrettspatruljen can help find payment solutions and provide information about various subsidies that can be applied for.

Do you know someone who might benefit from a visit by the Sports Patrol in order to gain more information and help to start in a sports club?

Give them our details, send them the link to this site or download the brochure to give them.

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