Ildsjelprisen (Initiative award)

With this award, we want to honour a person who for many years has made a great effort for the sport.

The following guidelines apply to Ildsjelprisen:

– The award is given to a person who for many years has provided great voluntary effort for the sport in Stavanger

– The person may not be employed in a sports team or have other paid positions for his work in the sport

– The candidate may have made a special effort for the sports team over several years, or has demonstrated great eagerness and enthusiasm for the sport

– The prize is awarded on the basis of nominations from sports teams

– The nomination must contain a justification for why this person deserves the Ildsjelprisen, and must be signed by the manager or general manager

– The price is a gift cheque of kr. 25,000, and is handed out by the spokesman on New Year’s Day at Ledaal

– The nominated candidates are published before the jury makes a decision

The jury must consist of five people. Chairman of the Municipal Board of Culture and Sport (KKI) is the head of the jury. In addition, there must be two representatives from the Sports Council as well as two representatives from KKI.

Thor Dagfinn Flikkerud receives Ildsjelprisen from mayor Christine Sagen Helgø at Ledaal  New Years Day. Photo: Jørn Nielsen, Idrettsrådet Stavanger


Former recipients of Ildsjelprisen:

2010: Arthur Abrahamsen – Stavanger Svømme Club

2011: Annebeth Tvedten – Stavanger Turnforening

2012: Harald Kambo – Stavanger Skytterlag

2013: Jan Inge Hegreberg – Stavanger Sykleklubb

2014: Arne Johnsen – Viking Håndballklubb

2015: May Brit Harestad Osaland – Tasta Turn

2016: Victor Øvregaard – IL Skjalg

2017: Kjell Sivertsen – Seiken Karateklubb

2018: Rolf Inge Sotland – Stavanger Fallskjermklubb

2019: Thor Dagfinn Flikkerud – Stavanger Sandnes Skøyteklubb



Application deadline:
30 November

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